Think first the act ‘look before your leap’

One of the golden rules of time management is:

‘Think first then act’. There is nothing which is so urgent that there
is no time to consider the decision-making process.

Plan before you act. Take time to plan out your work, plan to the
minutest detail—be flexible so that if any problems or tasks or a
crisis arises you have time to cope up with it.

Be clear as to what is ahead (have a clear foresight before making a
decision that you cannot go back on)

Time Mantra
Avoid quick- fixes and corner cutting solutions.
Think before you act

Time Alert
“Look before you leap” —-
Or you’ll find yourself behind ‘
Benjamin Franklin

* Aim for success not Perfection
* Aim for a ‘good’ performance
* Aim for realistic goals
* Be more creative and productive
* Confront your fears do not allow the fear of failure to paralyze you
* Think positive; Focus on the pluses in your life
* Learn from your mistakes
* Avoid self defeat
* Manage Time —-skilfully, cleverly and wisely

Who & Whom?
Where, When & How?
are puppets whose
strings are in your
hands to use well
Tomorrow’s worry
Eats up ‘today’
Today’s worry
Eats up your ‘Now’
Stop worrying
Don’t delay
Don’t procrastinate
Act Now!


“Questions cry for answers.”

• What was my attitude to time and work?
• Did I, review, my ‘to-do’ list?
• Was I ‘on time’ completing the assignments on hand?
• Was the time allocated for each work sufficient?
• Was I in control of my time?
• Did I identify and curb external and internal time wasters?
• Did I protect my time?
• What did I learn from the tasks and projects (on my list for) to-day?
• Did I assign the tasks appropriately to my subordinates/delegatees?
• Did I help my delegatees to grow and be more productive?
• Did I foster team spirit?
• Did I delegate tasks appropriately?
• How did the delegatees mange allotted tasks?
• What problems (if any) were faced by team/delegatees?
• Did the team display creativity?
• What new ideas have come into the idea bank /file?
• Was my documentation clear, concise and complete?
• While working on tasks were there other ways which seemed easier than the one’s adopted?

“Questions are like the ‘power on’ switch on a computer.”

“To ask a question may bring a moments shame, but not to ask and remain ignorant is a lifetime of shame.”

One who never asks either knows everything or nothing Malcolm Forbes. Sr.

Remember the ‘power of questions’ have the wisdom and the courage to ask.

Always ask; what? Why? When? Where? How? And how much?

You can make your own questionnaire and can do an evaluation, reevaluation and self evaluation.

Time Mentor


Stop ant stomping and engage in elephant hunting; then eat your
Elephant, one bite at a time.

Relish it, by using ‘Swiss Cheese-approach’-Learn from the Guru’s
themselves. Cut up your own pieces no hard and fast rule(s)5,10,15
or 30 minutes. If you are a goal striver, then you could even have
big chunks of energy cut up into hours!!! Because ‘some people live
more in one day than others do more in a week’ be one from this

Capture time when it is still fresh, charming and beautiful ‘An hour
in the morning is worth two in the evening’ late riser? Forget the
above maxim just put in more quality-productive hours.
Control your time or someone else will! ‘Get thee behind me
Satan’ Avoid and keep all time wasters (internal and external) at
bay. Focus on your to-do-list; prioritize and delegate tasks. Trust,
nurture and foster self and others; be committed, set deadlines.
Judge yourself, exercise self discipline and make judicious use of
time. Use other people motivate and manage yourself and foster
team spirit.

Revise old learning follow Robinson’s SQ3R method. Update
your—did you know? Read where do deadlines come from? Relax
with time outs.

Procrastination-a big word? Not to be dreaded, read positive
procrastination, enjoy word game build up your vocabulary.
In case of an emergency dial—call the ‘persistence and
‘perseverance—force’ after you’ve dealt with intruders move on
don’t delay act now.

Questions! Questions! Questions!

Settle all questions immediately, prepare questionnaires after each
chapter. Don’t leave ideas behind do something with a good idea
don’t carelessly throw away a ‘tomorrow’.

Where’s your idea file? Keep it visible. Two things to be kept
accessible and visible your to-do-list and your idea file.

You need endurance and discipline to win any race, be a winner;
you and you alone are accountable for your time, zealously and with
zeal guard your time.