Date: October 12, 2013

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Pushpa Biswas author of ‘Florence Nightingale ‘She
dared to be Different’ Which was released in 2010
to commemorate ‘International Year of the Nurse’
now brings—‘Alphabets of Time Management’—A
pocket reference just for you.
Just as you can effortlessly repeat/recite the
alphabets, you can effortlessly master time
management skills! Volumes have been written on
Time Management, yet this book will appeal to the
reader for its unique and ‘easy-to –learn’, ‘readerfriendly
The author uses alphabets appealingly, converting
them into ‘mnemonics’ making learning fun—A
simple, easy, exciting journey.
The book is studded with ‘Time Mantras,’ Time
Guru’, ‘Time Mentors’, ‘Time Pointers’, ‘Timely
Wisdom,’ ‘Time Alerts’ (and more)
Interesting ‘Time Outs’ and ‘Time-Tip –Offs’,
Quotes, Proverbs, Questions and Questionnaire’s
are ‘Time Breathers’ in short, a Must -Read.
An Xlibris expert package—it invites readers for
an exciting –fun-loving-learning, a unique
‘Alphabetically Yours!!!

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