I am Pushpa Biswas a nursing graduate from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi. I am seventy years old .I am an Indian.
I believe in being more Hi- Touch than Hi-Tech and in ‘Responsible caring’
Caring for me is Prayer and I strongly believe that caring is the soul of nursing.
Nursing to me is to be‘healing presence’ in people’s lives.
My mind is enough company for me and I love solitude and silence. I am in love with my Ishta Devta RadheShyam and with words———- the AIID FACTOR i.e. Awareness-Intuition –Imagination –Dreams is a strong driving force in my life. It’s the basic aid which helps me to evolve, enhance and enchant life, in short, I believe in myself, I respect myself and love ‘me’ and all humans, nature every soul .I like to be sensitive ,alive and caring to all in my internal and external environment. I respect and am in awe of Time!
I believe in “carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero—- Seize the day, put no trust in the future” Horace
I treasure the nowness of everything “unborn tomorrow and dead yesterday why fret about them if today be sweet” Omar Khayyam
Remembering always that “time has wings” and that today is life I don’t allow time to slip by.


My lucky no’s are 7 & 9

My favourite colours are White, Black, Mauve, Yellow and Scarlet. I am a perpetual learner, a chronic student in fact a life long, active, alert learner. Writing is my passion; I am a poet at heart, a Geminian, I need to create to be on the move- going at all times forward. An optimist by nature. I have an erasable memory which forgets and forgives all pain, insults and neglects in short; I have only friends and no enemies. Sab apne hai.