Date: August 24, 2013

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Some weeks back, i got an opportunity to attend a seminar as part of Nurses day.It was a brilliant talk where the speaker narrated the life and work of FN and that was when i realised i knew little about the lady with lamp.

back from seminar,i searched all most all the bookshops here and ended up buying this book.It is a great book depicting FN under various titles like the statistician,the linguistic etc.

Florence was brought up in a religious family and felt very close to God.It was this belief that made her to relieve the physical suffering of others as the God didnt want or intend man to suffer.

Little known aspects of Florence Nightingale

She has mastery in german,latin,greek,maths,statistics and philosophy.
she invented pie chart(strange to know!)
Karl Pearson(remember stati classes) referred her as prophetess in the development of applied statistics.
Notes on Nursing published by FN served as the cornerstone of the curriculum of nursing schools.

It is good to know more about the person who believed the purpose of nursing is to put the person in best condition for nature to restore or preserve friends grsb a copy of this wonderful book.

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Pushpa Biswas is a nursing graduate with more than 60years of experience..She graduated from AIIMS,New Delhi.Presently she is the matron of kasturba health society,Wardha,Maharashtra.

“All glory comes from daring to begin” -Shakespeare

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