Date: August 24, 2013

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FloAngel’ Award

‘Caught in the act of caring’

Caring is voicing through action not words alone.

A Nurses prime responsibility is to care; so what is so special about this award? And why is the project named ‘Caught in the act of caring?’.

It’s ‘caring’ with a difference, just a little more than the routine caring tasks; it’s like bringing a little ‘essence of heaven’ into your caring.

The word ‘caught’ implies that the person/care-giver who is making that extra effort is not aware that he/she is being watched, monitored and appreciated.

To start this monitoring, I had to find a non-nursing personnel, one who is with and amongst nurses and yet can impartially and objectively watch and note ‘caring situations/ events / episodes’.

I am very grateful to Mrs. Parihar who readily consented to document special acts of caring and who also identified the deserving caring person.

Thank you Mrs. Parihar for maintaining confidentiality and also for investing your valuable time.

The name ‘FLO ANGEL’ has been coined because ‘FLO’ is the pet name of Florence Nightingale and it is said.

Heaven is overflowing with angels
On earth there are but few
But we are blessed dear ‘Care-Givers’
That we have you.

This is an award which is being given by the Matron and it is requested that this award will continue for years to come and that every year on ‘International Nurses Day’ one caring person will be recognized, acknowledged, appreciated and rewarded.
Thank you.

P. Biswas

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