Date: August 9, 2013

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florence nightingale did you know?

Florence Nightingale had a pet owl called ‘Athena’- the owl died when Florence was undertaking preparations to go out to save dying soldiers in the hospital at Scutari.

Florence Nightingale learnt Greek, Latin and mathematics at the age of ten from her father.

4th November 2004 marked the 150th anniversary of Florence Nightingales arrival at Scutari (Uskuder Turkey)

When Florence Nightingale had whooping cough her 13 dolls had it too – they were found with pieces of flannel round their necks.

She wrote her autobiography in French ‘Lavie de Florence Rossignel.’

She invented and established the science of nursing.

She improved sanitation and hygienic conditions in the British army stationed in India.

Kaiserworth Institute in Germany was considered by her as her spiritual home.

She dreamt of forming a Protestant sisterhood of educated women who could become skillful nurses.

Florence’s pet name was Flo.

She developed the polar area diagram.

She was the only woman to receive ‘The Order of Merit’ by the British Crown.

She invented a diagram called ‘Coxcomb’- better known to – day as the ‘Pie Chart’.

Florence had a beautiful singing voice and had a passion for opera.

The Nightingale pledge was not written by Florence Nightingale but it was written in honor of Florence Nightingale by Ms Elizabeth Gretter.

That she was the first practicing nurse epidemiologist.

She erected a 20 feet high marble cross – to the fallen soldiers on a mountain peak above Balaclava.

She left Scutari in a French vessel for Marseilles under an assumed name (to avoid publicity).

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