Date: August 9, 2013

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florence nightingale the saint

“Your sacred space is where
you can find yourself again and again.”
Joseph Campbell.

Florence Nightingale was brought up in a deeply religious family and felt very close to God, even as a small child. She wrote in her private notes that on there different occasions she heard the voice of God calling her to his service.
In 1837, while walking in the garden at Embley, Florence received what she was to later describe as her “calling”. She heard the voice of God calling her to do his work. She realized that her mission in life was to serve the sick.

Spirituality was at the core of Florence Nightingales life, the driving force behind her career, she had an unwavering faith in God and a conviction that faith is expressed not in words but in service to one’s fellowmen.

Her sister Parthenope said that Florence had the greatest natural intense love of God and that she did not care at all for individuals, only for the whole race of God’s creatures.

Nightingale did not believe that God wanted or intended men to suffer, and she was fiercely convinced that the job of a nurse was to relieve the physical suffering of others, not to save her own soul by tending the sick.

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