Date: August 9, 2013

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florence nightingale we know now, what was not known then,

But was advocated and implemented by Florence Nightingale.

• That typhus is spread by body lice
• That fleas and rates and flies are key vectors of disease.
• That good nutrition is specially important to the sick.
• That dysentery, diarrhea and fever can often be caused by improperly prepared food.
• That a wound not cleaned and debrided of nectrotic tissue every day will develop gangrene
• That Vit C is essential to the formation of scar tissue.
• That morale has an important bearing on the human immune system.

The care and attention given by her, also her night rounds, raised the general morale and also helped to identify and detect diseases in their early stage.

• That a therapeutic environment is congenial to recovery (which she established in the Barrack hospitals) -
1. Good ventilation in the wards
2. Hygienic measures and a must and basic to prevent infection and to promote recovery.
3. Fresh air
4. Clean laundry (set up a laundry)
5. Regular change of patients personal clothing
6. Cleanliness of the skin
• Use of separate sponge cloths or each patients
• Therapeutic diet (set up a special kitchen) was particularly regarding the serving of cooking, soft diet which was easily digestible.
• Spacing between beds.
• Proving of privacy – provided screens specially during procedures.
• Practice advocacy and protective the soldiers rights.
• Made provision for recreation
• Conducted educational programmes/
• Initiated a Remittance Scheme (wherein soldiers could send part of their savings home to the families)
• Practiced holistic- transpersonal caring.

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