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If Florence Nightingale be the founder of modern Nursing – Sidney Herbert must rank as its patron Sidney Herbert’s tribute to Florence Nightingale

He paid his tribute by placing of his statue next to that of Florence Nightingale in waterloo place.
It was a brave and original step considering that this step was taken in English mid-nineteenth century!!


To have women nurses with the British Army! It was immodest, unthinkable, revolutionary! Yet it was not only suggested but carried into effect.

The step was bold – but if it had not been taken how different night the history of nursing (have) been !!

At the outbreak of the Crimean war the Duke of Newcastle was the Secretary for war and Sidney Herbert the Secretary at war.

Tribute and Acknowledgement of Florence Nightingale’s Work

Queen Victoria, who regarded the army as a primary concern of her own and who ordered that Nightingale’s letters be sent to her, once remarked: “We are very much struck by her — wonderful, clear, and comprehensive head. I wish we had her at the war office!”

The sect of the Good Samaritan ‘she belongs to a sect which unfortunately is a very rare one the sect of the Good Samaritan’.
(one Clergyman)

No, adequate appreciation of Florence Nightingale life can probably yet be written, for like the greatness of hers grows the wors striking the further one gets away from it. By nurses she will ever be revered as their Foundress, but this is not all. While she revolutionized nursing she was almost equally great in other fields; her advanced ideas on sanitation or on statistics would alone have entitled her to respect. She remains as one of the most remarkable figures of the 19th Century, Indeed one of the outstanding women of all time.
Lucy Ridgely Seymer
[A General History of Nursing]

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