Date: August 24, 2013

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Remember to Remember Always:


    • The patient needs ‘care’ in a cure-dominated-system.
    • That a person comes for admission to a hospital to receive nursing care; That is the patient’s right. Please give it to each and every patient under your care.
    • To take consent of the patient remember always that it is the patient’s body and life. The individuals ‘patient-status’ does not give you a right to his/her body and/or life.
    • To render compassionate care to all patients at all times.
    • Remember always- ‘At the heart of nursing is the human being.’
    • Caring care emphasizes a patient’s individuality.
    • Demonstrate caring by showing genuine interest in the patient. SHOW CONCERN

The non-technical element of care in high-tech environment makes the patient feel like an individual, and the patient feels ‘Cared for’

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