Sincerity is the strongest force in the world.

Date: August 13, 2013

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‘Sincerity is the strongest force in the world.”

Florence Nightingale — believed that morale has an important bearing on the human immune system.

She was a skilled bedside nurse and could assess and analyze the patient’s needs – She was very particular regarding the patient’s environment and She planned her care accordingly keeping in mind the therapeutic environment of the patient thus promoting healing – She kept the interest of her patient’s in the forefront and provided care and that too with scanty resources. Yet she could bring down the mortality rate and render compassionate care to the wounded.

“Search for better ways to do things and
you will find success”

“Sincerity is the strongest force in the world.”

S Sincerity is the strongest force in the world
U maximum Utilization of the ability you have spells
C Commit yourself to quality
C Choose a goal, pursue it [stick to it]
E make an Educative moment of every failure
S Success is based on imagination, plus ambition and the
will to work

“The only place ‘success’ comes before work is in the dictionary”.

3 things to Remember
1. “Your success helps many people, your
failure helps no one.
2. “When you believe you can – you can !”
3. “There are no secrets to success.
It is the result of – Preparation,
- hard work, and
- Learning from failures.”

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